Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My last week in Japan (so far) -pictures till later

So, last week I finished actual classes, I had graduation ceremony on Saturday and that was pretty awesome. We got free food, which is every college student's raison d'etre. They actually also had free beer, which I don't think would fly in American Universities, but I don't actually like beer, so I did not join in the general rejoicing over that. They had cake which I did enjoy. Then most of the rest of the week I have just been hanging out and traveling a little, doing all the mini trips I didn't get in earlier. Like I went to Osaka Castle with some friends, which there will be pictures of later. I also had dinner with my friends and some of our Japanese friends, and that was fun. Monday I finally got to Nara, where I was attacked by deer, I bought deer cookies so it was my own fault, and we saw the giant Buddha. That was really fun, and we did last minute souvenir shopping which was also good. Other than that I've just been catching up on chores, like selling my bike and packing. I also met with one of the KG students who is going to my school next semester, and then hung out with some friends today and that was all nice and relaxing. I'm not sure what I 'm going to do tomorrow, but Friday I'm going to see Pirates3 with some friends and then dinner and a little shopping with even more friends, so that ought to be fun. I'll be sad to leave everybody though. It still hasn't really hit me that I'm going to be gone really soon yet. But I don't think it will be very fun when it does. Mainly I just want to enjoy my last few days here. I'll worry about everything else when I get back. I'll probably do my last post and put up pictures when I get back. I really am looking forward to seeing everyone, it's not that I don't miss being home, but I will also miss being here, so it's a little difficult. Anyways, Look for my last update in about a week.

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