Monday, April 16, 2007

Hanami and Earthquakes

This is basically two weekends in one. The weekend before this one I went to see the sakura (cherry blossoms) with my friend Kimberly. It was really fun, we took some snacks and got sakura ice cream there. It was kind of like a fair. There's a ton of people, even when it rained like on the day we went. The trees were all in bloom too, so it was really pretty. I took a lot of pictures so here are those.

This weekend I went to this arcade called round 1 where you pay about 10 dollars and then get to play all the games you want for 4 hours. It was awesome. I played this drum game, and beat 2 versions of Time Crisis, along with some other stuff. Then on Sunday there was an earthquake in the morning, and another one at night. They were only little ones, and I don't think there was any property damage or anything. It was kind of freaky though.