Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Golden week

I spent the first half of golden week (With Monday, Thursday, and Friday being the holidays) sick with the flue which wasn't very fun, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow, since I'm heading to Tokyo, I'm going to Disney Sea, and then doing some other stuff until Sunday when I head back to Hirakata. Today's Spoken Japanese class was really fun since we learned some Kansai Ben, which I totally won't be able to use in class ever again. Oh well, we got candy:) Today was my friend Liz's 21st birthday so we went to Kyoto and saw Spiderman 3 (like 9 days before it gets out in the states mwahaha) and it was pretty good, don't want to give it away though. We also went to this store called Book Off and I got a browser for my DS Lite for only like $20 which considering they don't sell them in the states yet and to get them new or the European ones which are like twice that, I thought it was a pretty good deal. So that was fun, and then we went to an arcade to do puri kura and play the drum game. After that we headed back to Hirakata for dinner with some other friends at this 280 restraunt which was really fun, and then we watched a Tackey and Tsubasa concert DVD that Lucinda (Liz's roomate) had bought at Book off. So now I'm off to get some sleep so I can study tomorrow and do my Monday homework since I don't want to cart it with me. YAY! I finally get to go to Tokyo ^_^ so happy! I'll post picks of it when I get back so look forward to that, and maybe more posts as the semester is winding down, so I'll finally have the time to do stuff. I haven't gotten to see a lot of Kyoto yet, and that's where the souveneirs mostly live...If my funds hold out through my Tokyo shopping expedition;) I hear that electronics district calling my name.<^_^>I'm already starting to get to the I'm going to miss things stage though. Mostly my friends, and easy access to some of the things I've grown attached to like the crazy awesome arcades and really awesome shopping districts (most are fun to window shop in too) also some of the foods I especially like, like udon with kitsune, so yummy. And the vending machines everywhere, and the slightly bizzare commercials (not nearly as many car commercials) some so esoteric you can't even understand what they are selling, also the dramas on TV that I like, but those I can still get later. Not quite the same, as there aren't commercials that way, and it's not the moment they're aired, but still better than nothing. Oh well, mostly this post is for later to remind myself of what I loved and miss about Japan, since I really still want to come back here as a JET or in some other program. It's been a lot of fun, even with all the work for class and studying (the spoken class is kind of killer, but I've gotten a lot better than I was, so I don't mind so much) Oh well, I've still got 3 and a half more weeks to enjoy it. Forgive me if I get really soppy later. There are things that bug me, like the humidity, which is not nearly as bad as Ireland, except that with the heat it's killer. Also I kind of miss my bed futons are okay, but if I was going to have one on a permanent basis there would be lots more layers than my current one. Well, I'll write more when I get back about how Tokyo was, it ought to be awesome.

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