Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nothing interesting,

but as my TV is being held as a hostage against this post...
So, I went to pick up my Alien Registration card, and there is a guy who works there who's hair is a cross between Elvis and Flock of Seagulls, my friend Sarah was with me and got a picture, which I'm going to try to get from her later. I only have one more test left tomorrow. So after that I am officially on Spring Break. The weather has turned cold again, so my trip to Kyoto for cherry blossom viewing has been postponed. But tomorrow is the last episode of this drama I've been watching, and then on Saturday there's the graduation ceremony for the Japanese students, so I might be going to that, as apparently the girls all wear kimono, so I want to see that. Then I will probably be doing all night karaoke. I'm not sure what I'm doing Sunday, probably just sleeping and packing for Hiroshima on Monday. I was going to go to Tokyo, but I never got my plans together, so it'll probably just be Hiroshima and Nara. I am excited about the crazy Nara deer though, and then on Next Saturday there are Anime and Doujinshi conventions, so I might go to one of those. My friend is going to the Doujinshi one with her class, and my roomate wants to go the anime one, so I haven't decided which. Mainly I just wish it would warm up and stay that way. Oh well. So I'll post pictures of my trips next week, hopefully we'll get some sunshine and good weather so they'll turn out okay.

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