Monday, March 26, 2007

Comic City

The convention was fun, but I didn't get any pictures, as basically it was just 3 buildings full of people selling doujin, and while it's fun to walk through (although tiring) it is not that exciting visually. Well unless you buy them and stuff. Anyways, we got up way to early to go, and then it took about an hour to get there, and we walked around for about 4 hours before heading back. And then we were kind of tired, so naps all around. And that was my exciting last day of break. I am happy that it finally warmed up though. It's all warm and sunny now. And I'm going to go cherry blossom viewing this weekend, as they are supposed to finally be out (late). So I'll get pictures of that. And there's a chance that I might do something interesting during golden week at the end of April, so I'll probably get some pictures then.

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